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What’s in HIS Bag?

Bag Post

So , I had the lovely opportunity of meeting Dean ‘Anrkiss’ Morris a few months ago and he agreed to do the men’s edition of the What’s In Your Bag feature that I promised months ago. So sorry it took this long. But yes…Dean doesn’t really like interviews and he doesn’t like prepared questions so you know I had to come good and use all my charm to get through this.

First things first…Anrkiss? Say it slowly. You’ll figure it out. Took me a little while.

Dean currently acts as Managing Director and Project Manager (i’m stressed just thinking of the work load) for a mobile website development and design solutions called Project Grapevine. They have a really strong team and have made some really great websites and are poised to do great things in the Jamaican tech space.

In addition to great design and development , there is awesomeness coming out of…

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Interview with Dean Morris: The Vinelist

Kesi Gardner

What is the Vinelist?
The Vinelist is a unique way to find the stores who have what you want to buy without the hassle of leaving home or doing an extensive search yourself.
How does it work?
Currently by visiting the site and clicking “Sign in/Signup” you’ll be lead to a sign p form where you can sign to the vinelist. You can then upload a picture, link or search for an image that matches what you’re looking for. Then you enter the description of a product you’re interested in.
 The system then searches through known merchants who would best meet those wants, and notifies the customer with their stocks and promotions. Hundreds of users have already signed up and requests are submitted daily, evidence to the fact that a demand for the service is existent.
As a consumer how can I benefit from the Vinelist?
 We’re making life…

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10 Little Defining Moments In A Woman’s Life

Absolutely true.

Thought Catalog

As I grow older (and I’m writing about this as though I’m about to turn 70), I’ve hit certain moments in a woman’s life that aren’t often discussed, but at some point, happen to every woman.

The moment when…

10. …she stops dressing for anyone but herself.

9. …she decides to accept and love her boobs for what they are — or just uses a push-up bra and is done with the whole thing.

8. …she has the balls to turn someone down, to their face, instead of being polite and telling them it can’t work “right now.”

7. …she says, “screw it” and uses her laptop as a heating pad, which is probably not healthy, but again, screw it.

6. …she stops lying about her age. There are two moments when she does this: when she’s around 19, she stops lying about being older, because she thinks it makes…

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