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What’s in HIS Bag?

Bag Post

So , I had the lovely opportunity of meeting Dean ‘Anrkiss’ Morris a few months ago and he agreed to do the men’s edition of the What’s In Your Bag feature that I promised months ago. So sorry it took this long. But yes…Dean doesn’t really like interviews and he doesn’t like prepared questions so you know I had to come good and use all my charm to get through this.

First things first…Anrkiss? Say it slowly. You’ll figure it out. Took me a little while.

Dean currently acts as Managing Director and Project Manager (i’m stressed just thinking of the work load) for a mobile website development and design solutions called Project Grapevine. They have a really strong team and have made some really great websites and are poised to do great things in the Jamaican tech space.

In addition to great design and development , there is awesomeness coming out of…

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